KLEZ-ASTAR sawmill

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about KLEZ-ASTAR Sawmill

HewSaw R 250

KLEZ ASTAR sawmill was founded in 1953 and brought up-do-date in 2015. Its design capacity is 60 thousand of cubic meters of softwood sawn timber per year. 

The area of the plant is 32 hectares. The yard is able to stock up to 25 thousand of cubic meters of logs  that allows for non-stop operation of the sawmill for two months.


The northern wood of the Karelian forests  used as raw material for sawn timber ensures its  high strength, moisture resistance and resistance to microorganisms and insects .


The plant is fit with HewSaw R250, Järme, Muhlbock Vanicek equipment and has a FSC chain of custody and controlled wood certificate that confirms that the purchase, production and realization of finished products are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the FSC standards.


ASTAR sawn timber before drying
pine log