ASTAR deliver its products to anywhere in a world

ASTAR logistics

Delivery is carried to any part of the world, both in vehicles provided by the plant and using the customer’s transport means, semi-trailers or in containers, including mixed assortment. Proximity of the company to the border with Finland allows delivering products to customers in Europe in the shortest possible time.

Sawn and planed products are packed in transport packages with a width and a height of 1.1 x 1.1 m, or in half-packages of 0.55 x 1.1 m, in accordance with GOST 19041-85 or packing instructions provided by the Buyers. Each package is covered with a film on 4 sides including the labels of customer or ASTAR plants.  When loaded into vehicles for transportation, each row of packages is separated by stack bearers.  

Parameters of loading


Truck           - 42-45 m3

Container  - 45-47 m3


Truck           - 39-40 m3

Container  - 40-43 m3

ASTAR distributions


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