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  KLEZ-ASTAR is implementing a new investment project                                                  

KlEZ-Astar Ltd is implementing an investment project for deep processing of wood as part of the modernization of the existing timber processing plant.

Since 1st Quarter 2020 two new workshops for the production of glued panels, window beams and planed profiled products are under construction. Modern high-precision and high-performance equipment which is planned for installment will make it possible to produce products with consistently high quality. Thus company is going to increase export sales of its products. In the end of  2021 it is also planned to start the  production of strength graded products  in accordance with EN-14081. The company will begin to produce the waste   briquettes, which are in great demand,  solving the problem of waste disposal.

March, 2021


12.11.2019 to Wed., 13.11.2019 in Cologne KLEZ-ASTAR took part in Branchentag Holz                                                 


The fair "Branchentag Holz" is the industry forum of the German timber trade with focus on products, with those the timber trade achieves its main revenue. Here, industry innovations are launched, trends are designed and setted, business contacts are established and partnerships are deepened.


Exhibitors show the innovations of the timber industry around the areas doors, flooring, paints, varnishes, materials, slabs and wood technology. No comparable trade fair has evolved as an information and communication platform such as this fair and provides qualified business contacts in such a compact form. Visitors and exhibitors meet colleagues, the most important representatives of the German timber trade and decision makers of the leading trading companies.


The exhibition takes place every two years and is open to trade visitors only. They include representatives of the timber industry, the timber trade and service provider in the field of timber, which are offered in addition to high-quality professional information also an interesting training and conference program. This looks at current issues and future challenges such as strategic internet marketing and the importance of DIN standards and culminates in the awarding of the innovation price for wood.

The 15th Branchentag Holz takes place on 2 days from Tue., 12.11.2019 to Wed., 13.11.2019 in Cologne 

June, 2019